1. Anastasia Vendelis-Kliima says

    How about the guilty feeling I am having from turning around in that gym parking lot to come home and sit before a long day at work. How do you get rid of that feeling? “So, you didn’t work out, you didn’t fold the laundry or clean the house, or do anything?” I have these blissful two hours before work so I can go to the gym and take care of myself and then the rest of the day is dedicated to work, three children and the house. I know I must have needed this “not-time”, but, how do you “quiet” your mind later when you feel like you wasted your day?

  2. says

    HI Anastasia! Somehow the comments were turned on here–usually we purposely keep it a quiet place but since yours came through, it must mean I should reply!

    I don’t have any great answers other than I’m right there with you. I’ve felt the guilt of not doing The Something I Thought I Should Do, but later, when I look back, I realized that The Something I Did Instead was incredibly life-giving.

    I can imagine that two hours before work for you could be life-giving and a way to take care of yourself simply by resting instead of hurrying around sometimes.

    For me it doesn’t mean I always sit and read a book for six hours or that you decide to never work out again, but that sometimes, not only do you allow yourself, but you plan for the doing of the nothing. Know the guilt might come, but then later you’ll think back to how life-giving that time truly was for you.

    Really, downtime allows me to make my greatest contribution. If I’m working all the time (with my actual job, family, household stuff) then I’m damaging my greatest asset to my job, family and home–ME.