Welcome Back to the Bench

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  1. Lori Linsmeyer says

    I’m really enjoying the August theme! I really loved the sister podcast! I always listen to the podcast when I do a dreaded chore, this time I washed my bedroom windows! It makes the time go by much faster and way more enjoyable!

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      I do the same thing. The chores seem to fly by when you have something (or someone) to keep you company. So glad you liked the sister one!

  2. Karlyn Hillman says

    GARY…I’m so excited about SHUTTING UP this month! I know that it will make a busy stressful August much happier!!!!! What a concept:) The Bible has lots to say about the tongue. I need to listen to those scriptures a lot more.

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      Ha! words that have never appeared in that order before: “I’m so excited about shutting up!”

      Hope shutting up encourages you. I know it makes my life easier :)

  3. Karlyn Hillman says

    Myquillyn…don’t you love how when Jesus gives us what we’ve prayed for we still fight against it!!! We are so human. Thanks for the reminder that Simplicity is so valuable. I’m a farmer’s wife and I complain a lot about the simplicities we LIVE through. When actually I’m spoiled rotten and many people would long for our life. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the simplicity! Hope your pool gets blue and stays blue!

  4. Karlyn Hillman says

    EMILY!!!! I need soul purging desperately!!! I need stillness more than ever. I’ve been so ready for this topic and I can’t wait to see how God is going to STILL me in AUGUST cause this month is OUT OF CONTROL, it always is. In fact I’m going to purge a lot of things from my mind and soul. I want to experience life with white space in my brain, heart, and soul. I absolutely love watching my kids really experience life with excitement when they have a new discovery and I want to feel that this month and the rest of my life! Bring on the stillness…now I’m off to paint my kitchen for the 3rd time in one year!

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      Oh I’m so glad to hear it! I hope August so far has brought a bit of stillness for your soul, just like you long for.

  5. Yuko Jones says

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I tried Myquillyn’s pizza recipe and everyone in my family loved it! I’ve been making it every week this summer. Thank you for sharing the recipe with us! Have a wonderful rest of the summer. xx
    Yuko (from The Barn)

  6. says

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and
    now each time a comment is added I get four emails with
    the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

  7. Aly Foy says

    Hi Friends!
    I just joined Hope*ology this morning. Myquillyn’s book was in my instagram feed and for some reason it caught my eye. I bought it and instantly said, “Oh my gosh! You have dust and dog hair too! I love it!” Then, the book brought me to your site and then Annie Downs book and it has been such a fun ride! I am a lifestyle blogger and artist. I am also a third grade teacher here in Massachusetts and owner of a repurpose shop called, The Flea Circus, where I am redoing furniture, creating art and oodles of things. SO, I am busy all while being a mommy and wife and doggy owner and god knows what else. Love your site! Love everything about this! It’s just what I need as I spread little bursts of okay-ness and balance on my blog, too alyjfoydotcom. {sorry, shameless plug}. I’m so happy to be here! So simplicity-I feel so balanced-not trying to keep up with the crazy pace and saying, “no” is how I’ve been simplifying my life. However, I’m heading back to school soon and the wackiness will begin. Hope*ology is just what I need! Love to all! 😉

    • says

      We’re so glad you’r where, Aly. It sure is great to realize everyone else has dog hair too. At least, people with dogs. Hopefully you don’t have dog hair without a dog because that would be weird.

      As you had back to school, we hope you’ll be able to carry some of the simplicity with you!

      • Aly Foy says

        Yes, two dogs, which maybe three seeing how much hair two bring to the house. Another dog could be created in no time. Hoping to carry the simplicity. Looking at Boston traffic as a “flowy- stoppy thing” rather than a, “I want to rip my hair out thing.” 😉 Hope it works! I’ll keep you posted.

  8. Kristy Coughlin says

    Emily, are you doing Holy Yoga? I just recently found them and they have been such an encouragement for my soul! My poses are not exciting, nor do they look anything like they are supposed to look. I often feel like a flamingo in a blender, but I love the quietness I find there.

    • says

      You know, I’ve heard of Holy Yoga but never tried it! I do Power Yoga and love it, although I often feel like I’m the weakest one in the class. But I guess I’m not supposed to compare myself like that :)

      I agree – the stillness is one of my favorite parts.

  9. Teri Lynne Underwood says

    space … thank you for the gift of space. in the middle of the chaos of school starting and big dreaming and project doing, my soul and my mind needed {desperately!] the offer of space and stillness. so i left the tarnished tea set on the dining room table but cleared away everything else … and i sat in my comfy quiet time chair in the silence and just took deep breaths … and i didn’t speak just because i could and i listened even when i wanted to talk … and there was space. and it is good.

  10. Peggy Curran says

    Love this whole concept of hope*ologie ~ it has been a secret little place I come by myself to refresh, restore, and be challenged. Thank you for the upside down blog ~ I laughed and I cried as I realize how God invites us to see Him through different prisms and facets. I get so STUCK! But thanks for this encouragement and challenge to move into action and actively seek different perspectives. I am a baby yogi too (at the age of 55!) and have found the quietness of the practice such an enhancement to my time with Him. Keep sharing your thoughts with us. God is using you, my friends.

  11. Jessica Cowan says

    I just finished listening to the sisterologie podcast. I had to laugh because I have a pile of folded half clean half dirty clothes that sit in a drawer because I likewise can’t hang them up but also don’t think they are dirty enough to wash. Glad to know I’m not the only person who does this strange thing.

    As a mama of two young kids, I’m always striving for simplicity among the chaos. Sometimes all I can do even in the mess is “to be still” and just be with my little ones. And I know my mom will always have the cleaner house and that’s okay.

    • says

      There’s a time for a clean house and there’s a time for chaos and kids, and it’s not usually the same time. Isn’t that in the Bible? :) Hope you find a little stillness today too Jessica

    • Laura Biela says

      I don’t know what surprised me most, that it’s a “thing” to set aside barely worn clothes (as opposed to some hygiene or clutter problem on my part as I’m sure my husband secretly thinks) or that it has never occurred to me to designate a place for them other than the floor next to my bed, where they will eventually collect dust and get stepped on and become dirty, thus ending up in the laundry anyway after providing visual clutter for days (weeks.) A drawer! Genius! THIS is why I subscribe to hopeologie!

      • says

        Third drawer down in the dresser next to the bed. Right now, a folded old pair of Columbia Khakis that I wear just around the house for weeks without washing, and a pair of shorts and ankle socks that I’ll wear walking in the morning this week. Brenda’s messed my drawer up putting some clean folded shorts in there, but I forgive her. They stay tucked in the bottom out of the way. I think washing clothes wears them out faster than wearing them if you live a regular clean suburban life. If you’re Dirty Jobs Mike you don’t want to do this. Thanks for joining the common sense ‘lightly worn drawer’ team Laura!

  12. Kristin Stewart says

    Oh the irony that it took me until the 24th of the month to BE STILL and sit down and wander my way through August’s Hope*ologie. Exhaling.

  13. Noreen Sevret says

    Quietness and stillness is my friend. Love it. The “sitting on the bench” concept is quite a nice idea. I struggle to slow down to read all the comments, but I may do that over a cup of coffee someday soon… The creativeness I read here stirs up creativeness inside me — Amazing what you are doing! Looking forward to more connection in this space! :)

  14. Tracey Crosby says

    The older I get the more I am learning the value of shutting up, thanks for reminding me, Gary.