The Hope*ologie Podcast :: What only summer can teach me


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School’s out and summer takes over – and we love what it’s teaching. This podcast shares our take on what we’re learning from this summer, and hopefully inspires and reminds you of what only summer can teach.

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The Hope*ologie Podcast :: What only summer can teach me


The secret to using a pool float (there’s a secret?)  – only half-inflate it!

An instagram public service announcement: don’t geo-tag your family photos – bad people can track you or your kids.

The difference between recreation and amusement is one is amusing and one helps you re-create – summer is better when we make time for both.

Fun and excitement CAN live in the same house as anxiety.

The beautiful parts of life don’t cancel out the hard parts of life; and the hard parts don’t cancel out the beautiful.

You might want to make sure you catch the last 3 minutes of the podcast where Emily shares how to offer the confusing things in life into God’s presence.

Don’t do it Bobby!

With a glass that big, the Tiny Bubbles are not . . .


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The Hope*ologie Podcast :: What only summer can teach me

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