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the top hat

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THIS MONTH – What do you call something that helps you feel alive and joyful, and gives you energy, lightens your step, and lifts your spirits? And makes you feel more fully human for yourself and others? We call that kind of something ESSENTIAL, not a useless extravagance. But sometimes, to get it, you have to Treat Yo’ Self!

Myquillyn and Emily and their friends Caroline and Kendra treated themselves to a Girlfriend Weekend, and at the end planted the Hope*ologie microphone in the middle of the kitchen table and talked about the joy we get from small useless things. Such as that $17 top hat that you’re dying to try on, right?

You can find Kendra at The Sugar Box and here is that (running) list of her top 300 movies.

You can find Caroline here where she shares her own life and, at the same time, encourages others dreams.

We hope that somehow, some way, you catch some inspiration – and permission – to Treat Yo’ Self! Even if you have to become a crying Batman.

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The Hope*ologie Podcast :: Treat Yo’ Self!

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