The Hope*ologie Podcast :: The Under-Appreciated Art of Celebrating

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The Hope*ologie Podcast is Hope*ologie’s monthly audio conversation. To join this community of Hope*ologists – where you find rest and encouragement for your home, family, and soul – click HERE.

THIS MONTH – We try to talk about why we think celebrating is so important, but we end up talking to and listening to furniture, leaving the parking lot of Graceland without going in, rapturing in the wonder of subscription boxes, and other non-celebrating things.

We get there though, and we hope that somehow you join us in gaining more appreciation for the under-appreciated art of celebrating, and how it can give you hope and bond you with the people you care about. Listen here now, or on iTunes and here on SoundCloud.

The Hope*ologie Podcast :: The Under-Appreciated Art of Celebrating


BlueApron – food to your door in a box.

StitchFix – Here’s some of the clothes Emily has had delivered to her door in a box

“I thought YOU wanted to go!” “No YOU wanted to go!” Neither one of us wanted to go. So we left:



“This chair looked so sweet and I thought it could have a better life. In the end I changed everything in my house because of that chair.” Can you tell it’s a ‘her?’:

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Celebrating the arrival of a new friend:



The new friend in all ‘his’ glory:


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The Hope*ologie Podcast :: The Under-Appreciated Art of Celebrating

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  1. Kristin Stewart says

    Comments turned on???

    Blue Apron. I did it once because a friend gave it to me. I really liked it. I felt wasteful with all the darling containers and I LOVED that everything was pre-measured. I also cooked things I wouldn’t normally try. I want to do it again. AND… Emily… you can pick your meals. Click on the ‘delivery’ box and they give you choices. Usually two meat and one non-meat meal. It is for sure more expensive but at the same time, not wasteful because you aren’t buying an entire container of X or Y for one recipe and then tossing because you didn’t know how else to use it.


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