The Hope*ologie Podcast :: The day I realized I had a job


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You didn’t start out looking for a job, but following your heart in this thing that’s important to you is getting serious.

Sometimes the lines between home, family, and work are hard to see. Especially when the work you do doesn’t necessarily involve a job application and interview, and leaving home.

Accepting the calling of that little voice inside you can lead to responsibilities that sneak up on you.

What is a ‘job’ anyway?

Myquillyn and Emily are still on the road to finding out how all your responsibilities and callings fit together. In this episode we take a few steps forward in the challenge of making your own rules and drawing your own lines.

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The Hope*ologie Podcast :: The Day I Realized I Had a Job


Some ideas and advice for when you realize your interest and calling is growing into a job:

Write a purpose statement – and it might help to write more than one! –

  • write a purpose statement for you and what you feel called to
  • write one for the people you’re doing it for
  • and you could write one for your family, and those affected by your ‘job’

Evaluate what you’re doing – is it becoming a job? What does that mean? What commitments and expectations have you accepted, knowingly or unknowingly? How does this affect you, your home, your other responsibilities, those you love?

Evaluate why you’re doing it.

Talk about it with your family and those affected by your ‘job’ –

  • “here’s what I think I’m supposed to do”
  • “here’s why I’m doing it, what I think it means”
  • “here’s what it costs me and what it might cost you”
  • “here’s what it means to me and here’s the price I’m willing to pay”
  • “what should we do about this? How can the whole family benefit?”

Invite a group of ‘co-listeners’ into your journey as your own personal board of advisors.

Give yourself permission to recognize and honor what this season requires. Be sensitive to the markers that come with these seasons – circumstances, people, conversations.

Allow yourself to change things. Life changes, ideas and desires change. You don’t have to fight it.


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The Hope*ologie Podcast :: The Day I Realized I Had a Job

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  1. Emma Phillpotts says

    Thank you, this was really what I needed right now as I step into that space between home and work that no one understands or sees! I need to write my mission statement and really follow through why I am doing this so at least I know when everyone else is telling me to do other things that there is purpose in not listening to them :)

  2. says

    What a challenge to a woman of age (74) . I am finding that I need to think this out as my life has been the role of being a wife- a Mother-a volunteer in my community. At the present time i am trying to decide if my challenge is to become more independant and accept the role of myself- doing what I need to do for myself. Health concerns mean taking care of this person. Personal freedom’s are enjoying Mother nature- clear vision of who I am and yet the nurturing role continues of what “the family needs of me” as well as the community needs that are met by volunteering to help others.. Some many lost values keep cropping up that call me to be vocal.
    God and Country and self respect as a person lead the way in my mind. I want to see Television without bad language. read a book without trash in the plot. Youth dressing with dignity. Solutions to making people have self worth. Student loans not wasted but used for better education. The elderly valued as voices of experience rather than tossed aside. Thank you for opening my mind to a purpose that is the here and now.

  3. Sheri Simasek says

    Listening to this made me chuckle. Thanks to a corporate take-over, i found myself unemployed. Then the weirdest, yet greatest, thing happened. People from my personal and my work life started calling me for ad-hoc marketing gigs (that’s my background) – and it really took a year of doing this before I accepted that “hey, i DO have a job, I just work for myself now instead of “the man” ….and I have the best boss ever – ME. When I realized I’m really legit..I finally started to breathe. Now, if i could just convince my mother that what i do really is a “thing” LOL


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