The Hope*ologie Podcast :: Let’s pull out our summer brain!


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No big lessons or school, the smell of a charcoal grill firing up in the evening, flips off the high dive, inner tubes floating on a river, and a big summer novel that you may or may not finish. That’s the feel of this episode.

Let’s talk about how to make the most of it, and adjust our expectations for this special 25% of our year. The only list we make is the list of how things are going to be different because it’s summer.

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The Hope*ologie Podcast ::

Let’s Pull Out Our Summer Brain


Here’s the inner tube river float that’s still waiting for Myquillyn to use. Maybe this year. The one she was afraid to read the reviews for, tee hee.



Here’s the CJ Mahaney article that could make mom mad at dad, and make her want to say “read this!” but she can’t point him to it on purpose because you just can’t do it that way, but if he found it on his own and thought about it on his own it could change his whole idea of vacations, like it did mine. CLICK


For Hope*ologie members only, here’s a brief bonus episode on using email to slow down your summer:

Bonus Episode :: Honey, I Shrunk the Email!


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The Hope*ologie Podcast ::

Let’s Pull Out Our Summer Brain

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