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Annie Downs is a living, breathing, walking Christmas season. All year.

This month we chat with Annie about the journey of discovering how God wired us each uniquely, and then the challenge of embracing that wiring as a gift to others.

For Annie, that wiring looks like merriment. Like many of us, she’s struggled with under-appreciating her own gifting.

She’s also changing how she looks at fear:

“One of the ways we can ignore the fear voices is to recognize that a lot of times the things we fear are opportunities that may never come again, and if we walk away from them you may not only miss the joy of doing it, but you may also never cross this bridge again.” – Annie

You can catch up with her at Annie F Downs. Her new book is Let’s All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have.

Annie Downs

Hope you find some courage in this common journey of embracing our wiring as a gift to others.

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The Hope*ologie Podcast :: God rest ye merry Annie Downs

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  1. Audrey Pace says

    Hello there,

    I am currently reading Annie Downs’ book “Let’s All be Brave” and am thoroughly enjoying it. Yay! Thank you!
    So, I just listened to the Podcast with Annie Downs which was helpful and enlightening. I enjoy the reminder that we are all gifted and need to embrace the gifts and talents that The Lord wove into our being. It is so important to honor Him by being proud of how He made us and what He gave to us to further His Kingdom.
    The real reason I chose to Leave a Reply is because I need to know where you got those cool rust-colored wedge booties with a hanging tassel that you are wearing in the photo of Annie and your dad!!! XO

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