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The Hope*ologie Podcast is Hope*ologie’s monthly audio conversation. To join this community of Hope*ologists, click HERE.

THIS MONTH – You asked and we answer, as best we can, your questions on succeeding in transition, meal memories, hanging pictures, and more. It’s The Q&A Show!

First this advice: Just jump ahead in the podcast to the 3:40 mark. You know how on Fox News sometimes they all get talking at the same time and it’s maddening? There’s some of that going in here at the beginning. Plus Dad thought it would be cute to include his fixations on volume levels (and he’s the worst one!) and other inside stuff; it’s not cute, just annoying. Forgive his bad editing judgement. Again, jump to 3:40. You won’t regret it.


The book Myquillyn raved about:

Essentialism: the disciplined pursuit of less


The guy who has a kinda weird way he uses to help him decide if something is worth doing for him

Tsh – and The Art of Simple – somehow she’s mentioned in every podcast

Here’s the Thing Podcast with Alec Baldwin – episode 68 with Jerry Seinfeld

We hope that somehow, some way, you find something hopeful and inspiring here.

The Hope*ologie Podcast is now public and on iTunes.  Would you take one minute to give a rating and an honest review? You can do that HERE. Thanks. And of course you can listen right now, below:

The Hope*ologie Podcast :: The Q&A Show!


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