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This month we meet Stacey Thacker – wife, mom of FOUR girls, writer, and blogger. She’s co-author of the just-available Hope for the Weary Mom: Let God Meet You in the Mess. Sound like Stacey’s a hope*ologist? She knows there’s a weariness a nap won’t fix, and she knows the cure is in connecting with God’s heart.


We discovered Stacey grew up in the small Hoosier town where I (Gary) started in radio, and she knew the Christian family that hired me when I was still a clueless, lost, alcoholic. Here’s Stacey in a cornfield in that town, North Vernon, Indiana.

stacey_thacker_sitting_714 (1) (1)

So meet fellow hope*ologist Stacey, and be reminded how much we all have in common on our hope-journey.

The people who live in my home with me are . . .

Mike – my husband of (almost) 21 years. My girls, ages 15, 12, 8, and 5.

I joined Hopeologie because . . .

I’ve been on a hope journey for the past 3 ½ years myself and when Emily and Myquillyn announced it I knew I had to join.

My favorite part of Hopeologie is . . . .

Sisterologie-the best 20 minutes online ever.

My life changed when . . .

I became a mom.

Right now I’m struggling with . . .

Missing my dad. He passed away last March suddenly after a courageous battle with cancer. So many feelings about that.

In my house, I’m afraid to . . .

Put together a collage wall. I have collage wall envy. Maybe someday.

In my family, I’m afraid to . . .

Fail my girls.

Deep inside, I’m afraid to . . .


What’s keeping me up at night is . . .

Usually, nothing keeps me awake at night because I love sleeping. It is my favorite. But, this week I accidently watched the last episode of “Parenthood” and it kept me awake because it made me think of my dad.

The first thing I think of when I think of hope is . . .

It does not disappoint. (Romans 5:5)

What I’m hoping for right now . . .

An uprising of hope for weary moms all over the world.

Right now in my soul I’m most hopeful about . . .

God using my brokenness for his glory.

The one change that would make the biggest difference in my life right now would be . . .

8 hours of sleep each night.

The most hopeful movies, songs, or books I’ve experienced are . . .

My writing song list includes: Ellie Holcomb “My Portion and my Strength”, All Sons and Daughters “Great are You Lord (Live”), Phil Wickham “This is Amazing Grace”, Francessca Battistelli “He Knows My Name”, Gungor “Beautiful things.

Books: “Hindsfeet in High Places” Hannah Hurnard, “The Pursuit of God” by A.W. Tozer

Movies: “Hoosiers”, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”, “Pride and Prejudice” just because I love it.

Thanks Stacey! You can connect with Stacey on her blog at, and find more hope from her at Hope for the Weary Mom.

Thacker Family


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  1. says

    Love being a Hope*ologist and so honored to be featured here this month. The fact that I grew up listening to Gary on the local radio station really is pretty perfect.

    Thanks friends!

  2. says

    Stacey! You’ve always felt like one of the family, wish I lived closer, I’d just do that gallery wall for you~but you should do it! So happy about your book!

    love you!

  3. Teresa Hardymon says

    Great to meet you Stacey! I can so relate to the Collage Wall. I have items and I want one, but am so indecisive about it! I did a small plate wall in my kitchen, so there is that!

    I am so sorry about the loss of your father; prayers for peace and comfort.

    I look forward to checking out your blog and getting to know you better.

  4. Kristin Stewart says

    Stacey, I recognize that family photo spot as Lake Hart. Now I want to know you more!

    I’m afraid of a gallery wall too. Lots of pretty printeds in a pile.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Karlyn Hillman says

    Stacey I can’t wait to read this book. Weariness is overwhelming these days. Jump on the collage/gallery wall. You can’t mess up. You just move it around, add, and take away till you love it!

  6. Tracey Crosby says

    Do that gallery wall! Start with 3-5 things you really love and just keep adding until it feels done.

    Now, if I could just decorate my mantel.

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