1. Beverly LeFevre says

    for some reason I am not able to download this or any of the other printables. It tells me something like I have no access once I click on the link. can someone help me? thank you.

  2. Karlyn Hillman says

    June has been crazy and fast and doesn’t feel like summer because we’ve been so busy with baseball (and I did get a vacation to Florida without my husband and me with my 3 children fun but little relaxation). I just opened June for the first time and I always go straight to the printables. I cried! I AM CRYING! This is my FAVE of all the printables. I’m in tears because this exactly represents how I feel and what I’m longing for. This is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen and I want it to be gigantic on my wall! THank you for continually bringing beauty in my life and pushing me to keep beauty and hope in my every day!

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