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Hi friends!

Since we don’t have a forum here at Hope*ologie, every now and then, we like to open up the comments on one post as a way to connect with one another. I usually post a quick video and say way more words than are necessary which I have done again for you this month. You’re welcome.

Of course I sign off at the end like I’m going to stop and then I KEEP ON TALKING because I’m awkward.

As promised, the comments on this post are open and (and!) we’d love to also have you join us on Facebook.

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We’d love to hear from you. What does “merry” mean to you? What are you hoping for this Advent season? Have a question or comment to share? This is the place. We’re so glad you’re here.

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  1. Shelly Richardson says

    Merry Christmas! My kids are taking over my husband’s room too. Toys everywhere. So I gave them a basket. HA! They seem to creep into every space. :)

  2. Tracey Crosby says

    I only have one question…where is the link for Brenda’s beans and cornbread? It’s listed under DIY, but no recipe. I have been thinking of this recipe since the Barn event was announced!
    Hungry in Colorado

  3. Heather Bivins says

    Hi Friends!

    I have Brenda’s beans on the stove right now! I loved the beans at Hopeologie Live and am hoping mine turn out. When you mentioned her chicken and noodles in this month’s podcast, I thought it would be great if she’d make a video of that recipe, too. Anyway, I love it all-thanks for all the hope!

    I need a kitchen-aid, then I’m totally making the pizza. 😉


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