The Secret to Having More Time This Summer


The Trade-Off Sometimes I do something less than ideal so I can do something else that’s more than ideal. Sometimes I allow someone I don’t know to possibly feel ignored so that the people I love feel acknowledged. Sometimes I wish I had eight arms, but wonder what kind of shirts I would wear. There’s […]

The One Selfish Trick I Use to Get Things Done at Home


    “One of the many nuggets of wisdom I’m marinating over these days is around setting intention based on how you want to feel, rather than what you want to accomplish.” –Shawna // hope*ologie member   As I think about rhythm this month I can’t help but apply it to my to do list, […]

Cake Toppers! A Printable


This month Annie created some sweet little cake topper/alphabet banners for us! I’ve got rustic/naked cake making “directions” here, and you can download the printable in four different colors below. Just stick some wood dowels or kabob skewers in your cake and tie some string across. Arrange your cut out letters (I cut mine out […]