A Giveaway for Hope*ologie Live: At The Barn

 This event is now sold out but we plan to offer more in the future! We look forward to seeing some of you in November, and congratulations to Holley Gridley and her guest, the winners of this giveaway!

at the barn

We are so happy to announce our first ever Hope*ologie Live gathering at our family’s freshly (almost finished) renovated barn! Here are the details:

Hope*ologie Live: At the Barn
Saturday November 15
outside of Charlotte, North Carolina
3 pm – 7 (optional bonfire time from 7 – 8)

Let’s meet together with a small group of hope*ers and have conversations centered around hope for our soul, our families and our home. We’ll make a craft, enjoy dinner of beans and cornbread and s’mores by the fire pit, and we may even convince Dad to play his ukelele – all with the purpose of overcoming chronic discouragement and finding delight in our right-now lives.

Tickets will go on sale for Hope*ologists only this Thursday, September 18 for 99 per person. Ticket price includes:

  • Admittance into the hoopla, hope*la, and fun that is Hope*ologie Live
  • Brenda’s beans and cornbread dinner (and S’mores, of course)
  • Signed copy of Emily’s book A Million Little Ways
  • Signed copy of Myquillyn’s book, The Nesting Place
  • A digital copy of Gary’s ebook Scary Hope

On Monday September 22, we’ll make tickets available for non-Hope*ologie members, but as a member you get first dibs as well as a chance to win a two-free tickets! So let’s do that.

One person will win two tickets to Hope*ologie Live : At the Barn plus $200 to put towards travel or food or cute boots or whatever you want to spend it on. This giveaway is only open to Hope*ologists, but if you win, you can bring whomever you want.

You have until Wednesday September 17 at midnight EST to enter to win a ticket.

We’ll send you an email when ticket go on sale in a few days, but for now, leave a comment to enter and tell us why you would want to come to the barn. We’ll announce the winner when tickets go on sale on Thursday.

Hope to see you in November!

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  1. Molly says

    Why WOULDN’T I want to come to the barn? But, since you insist, here are some more specific reasons: Because I love Hope*ologie, because I love the contributors, because I know it will be a fabulous event, because I live in Idaho, and if I don’t win, I can’t come! Thank you!

  2. Amanda Kitterman says

    Soooo fun! When I think of joining you at the Barn I just feel like it’d be deep breath of rejuvenation. So I would come, bring my sister-in-law and take a deep breath with you all. Plus, cornbread sounds delicious.

  3. Anne Summers says

    I’d love to come to the barn because I love the heart behind the writing and the projects on Hope*ologie. If that same heart beats in others coming into that barn, than I don’t want to miss it! :-)

  4. Mylinda Brown says

    Oh, how I need some girl time laughing and sharing and words from new friends to fill up my tank for awhile. We are launching a church Sunday…as in holy cow that is in 6 days and by November I’m pretty sure there will be a serious need for this weekend!!

  5. Karen says

    I’m super excited to have the opportunity to be in community with like minded ladies looking for and toward our hope…Jesus, in our everyday lives.

  6. says

    For real? Why would I love to attend this event? Well, a thousand reasons really but what if we just start with this one: because in the midst of all the chaos and disaster and strife in the world today, I always choose to believe HOPE calls to us with its promise of clarity and kindness and beauty. And gathering with other souls who long for those same things would be sheer awesomeness!

  7. Judy says

    Yay! This is why I set hopeologie as a VIP contact – so phone would buzz immediately when you released the info. I don’t want to miss this opportunity to surround myself , if only for a few hours , with other crazy hope-ers. And at The Barn?! Such a soothing concept. Casual, cozy, intimate yet spacious. Can’t wait (with or without the win)

  8. says

    Why? Hmm… in all honesty to just sit down with ya’ll and take it in. Do you know I got to hear your Daddy on the road almost two weeks ago? We flew into and out of Charlotte on a whirlwind trip to watch our middle son graduate from Army basic training down at Ft Jackson. I forgot how much I loved Charlotte! I can honestly say the last time I was there was in 1980 when our youth group made a trip to Carowinds!

  9. Megan Clark says

    1. I’d really love to meet some other hopeologists!
    2. I can’t wait to see the barn.
    3. Each month of Hopeologie is like a breath a fresh air, so I can only imagine how refreshing a Saturday at the barn would be!

  10. Melissa says

    Quite frankly, I need a break from my reality and the chance to meet new women that God has brought together. And bonfire. Yeah.

  11. says

    I would love to join you at the barn to meet you! I’ve been so inspired by your words, stories, laughter, and goofiness. I’ve been searching some time now for a spiritual community, and I didn’t expect to find it online, but I have. It would be a blessing to be able to meet other hopeologists in person.

  12. says

    Why, yes, I would love to win! Why? Well, mostly because hope is just about all I’m clinging to some days, especially in light of recent medical events in my family. Besides, even if this were just a run-of-the-mill Autumn, I’d still love to be there, to be with y’all, to meet Gary for the first time, and just to be with all those gathered. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  13. says

    I have been a lurker on Nestor’s blog for years, but became a real follower when you all started Hope*ologie. I enjoy and learn from each month’s newsletter. I’m a closet writer, a new widow after 47 years of marriage, a grandma, and a retired therapist. I am a Christian, but honestly covet The Barn. I’d love to come visit it and you all, too. Thanks for the opportunity. Hedy King

  14. says

    I would love to come to the Barn! I need me a big dose of girlfriends and giggles, some Holy Spirit sacred and sanctified quiet. I want to laugh till I snort, fall on my face in prayer and thanksgiving, share the Hope of the ages with God’s children and sing, dance and make a mess eating s’mores. Also? I have these amazing red cowboy boots and can’t think of a better place to wear them this fall. {and for the record…I’d be sharing the other ticket with the amazing Teri Lynne Underwood, because the next best thing to sister*ologie is aunt*ologie and I’m awfully fond of that niece of mine!} xoxo

    • says

      Oh, and can I add {even though it may sound like I’m sucking up just to win the ticket} that I’m simply mad over the ukelele! I played one in Jr. High and high school. It’s on my wish list for Christmas! It would be so cool to sing with the HopeFam around a bonfire accompanied by a ukelele

  15. Kristin Ehmen says

    Yay!! What an exciting event :)
    I want to attend the event because I *know* that I am entering a place of transition. I’ve been homeschooling for 13 years, I have two still home but time is flying by and we will be done so soon. I have been teaching music lessons for the last 9 years to supplement income but not sure how much longer I want to continue. I am seeking -quietly- what’s next and to sit among other hopeologist, empty my plate and fill my creative & spiritual tank would be the ultimate blessing right now.

  16. Anne-Renee Gumley says

    Because the Masterpiece Moms from Alaska will definitely have a desperate need for HOPE, warmer weather and adult conversation around mid-November. Can’t wait to see The Barn!

  17. Melody says

    Power lines, baby. I am all about the power lines and I hear you have some beauties! It seems crazy ridiculous to be able to come but I would love to meet all of you in person. You three have brought such joy and encouragement to my life. Even if I can’t go, I am still so happy you are doing this!

  18. says

    Sometimes you just want to come because. For fun. For laughter. To be a part of something you never thought you’d get a chance to be a part of. I just want to be there. Simple.

  19. monica thomas says

    how exciting for you and your family to finally see your dream become a reality. i would sooo love to be present at your first meet at the barn. this has been a trying year, with the loss of my husband in july i so desperately need to be filled with all the hope there is to have in christ and to be in a room full of others seeking the same. thank you for the chance to win!

  20. Sarah Damm says

    North Carolina in November beats Minnesota in November! What a wonderful get-away!! I also really appreciate the HOPE that you bring to my weary soul, so it would be a huge blessing to be at the Barn for this fantastic event! Thank you, and God bless!

  21. Leslie says

    I would love to come to Charlotte and meet you all in person-been a fan for a while, and my word for the year was HOPE!!! So it makes perfect sense!! Plus one if my dearest friends recently moved from NY where I live to Charlotte!!

  22. says

    I would love to come and meet each of you since you have encouraged and inspired me to have hope and to dream big and be brave.

    I also have been so encouraged by your family as a whole. I love your family weekend retreats and hope I do those with our boys one day! :)

  23. Tandy Hogate says

    Oh mercy! So many reasons!
    First, THANK YOU! Thank you for the inspiration on the blog first, and then for this wonderful community. <3 I would LOVE to win this trip! I was SO looking forward to Allume in October and then my circumstances changed and I am unable to attend. HUGE bummer! This would certainly make up for it. :)
    I'd LOVE to come see your awesome barn in person! I have a barn too…it's a bit too functional and not very beautiful (nor does it smell good….).

    So here's my official entry:
    Myquillin, Emily, Gary and Family
    Barns, decor, rugs, Jesus, campfires and crafting
    Flying to Charlotte for cornbread and beans
    These are a few of my favorite things!

    Ha! Thanks for this. Praying for the person who will be most blessed by this hope-filled weekend. :)

  24. Aubrey M. says

    This sounds like such fun! I am all about the crafting and the hoping and the s’mores-ing! Hope*ologie has been a buoy for my soul during a busy season, reminding me it’s okay — even good — to rest. Thanks for the chance to win tickets to join you!

  25. says

    Why do I want to come to the barn? It’s pretty simple for me… I just signed up for Hope*ologie because I am trying to find or hold on to that hope that I once had rooted so deep in my heart. Because right now we are going to 3 therapists appts a week, because the three old we adopted, that we have had since she was a baby, is most likely going to me diagnosed with severe autism. She is out of control. My oldest daughter who is 12 has autism. And all I can think is really?

    Because my sister and brother and I are so broken. My dad died and a chasm struck wide and long and I have no idea how to cross it, or fill it. Because my health just won’t get straight and no dr can figure out what to do. Because my mother now lives with us. The one I spent in therapy over. Again I say really? I need to find that hope again. I need to cling to it. This is why I need to come to the barn for hope*ologie. To fill my holes. Breathe life back into these dry bones. So I can carry on and mother well, sister well, live well.

  26. Lee says

    I would LOVE to immerse myself in hopeologie for an afternoon. I’m in a place of discouragement right now where I sometimes feel like I’m just circling the drain despite all the blessings around me. I’m so happy for you that after all the hard work The Barn is finally starting to fall together. Best wishes for all of your future gatherings!

  27. Danielle M says

    Oh my goodness! Why do I want to come to the barn??!! Because I have been following the Nester’s blog for years and have totally changed my house and the way I do home as a result. Because the blog was a way for me to connect with one of my dearest friends. Because Emily’s soulfulness inspires me. Because Gary’s recovery and redemption in his family encourages me about my own daddy’s recovery and the redemption possible.

    Also, because a dear friend wants to join me!

  28. says

    Why? Why would I not???
    In a barn.
    With new and some existing friends.
    Because I missed last year’s and I have this Saturday free!
    Seriously can’t wait.

    (Off to return some boots I just bought so I can actually buy a ticket in case I don’t win. For real.)

  29. Susan Shipe says

    Winning would be almost as awesome as winning that Dyson vacuum would have been! Just kidding – I would LOVE to win, just because! And, I want to bring my daughter with me – she’s a big fan.

  30. says

    i’d love to join y’all at the barn again this fall! especially because it’s THE Barn. especially because I just love the site y’all have created and the vision your family as a whole has. especially because I will be about to move again and have a feeling I’ll need a reminder of Hope. especially because I’m still close enough to drive right now! and especially because I’d want to bring a good friend who might need some hope too!

  31. Debbie Rivers says

    There are so many reasons I want to come to the barn! Just the possibility of a chance to win tickets made my heart skip a beat. Proverbs 13:12 from the Message says, “Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick, but a sudden good break can turn life around.” I use that verse as a basis for encouraging others to give and to be a blessing to others every day but winning these tickets would be the ultimate “sudden good break” for me. I would love to meet your sweet family in person, be inspired and refreshed, and of course not only see the barn, but BE in the barn!

  32. saraspunza says

    Because you convinced me to paint my fireplace and I have never been happier. Because you all inspire me to be more. Because a fellowship of women is a powerful thing. Because my heart needs this…

  33. Nancy Ham says

    Well I just need to soak in “The Barn” in person!!! And I would love to bring my sister along. I love your sissy relationship and mine is the same with Karen. Xo

  34. Phyllis Reklis says

    I would love to go to the Barn to soak in grace and richness that comes from gathering with each other and the awesome HOPEOLOGIE givers of life!!

  35. nell ann says

    I don’t have any other plans for that day, and hanging out with y’all is a fun option. Plus, who doesn’t love s’mores?!

  36. Jenny Shank says

    My hubby & I have just turned a new leaf in our faith walk, as a couple and as parents. A little encouragement and a lot of hope is just what we need in this season of life we’re dwelling in. Thank you for all the hard work you all have put into this event and the opportunity to win tickets, wootwoot! Hope to see you there either way

  37. Amber Sidak says

    I would love to come to the Barn for this event! I am so busy (it seems all the time) that it would be wonderful to carve out an afternoon/evening to do something really special for me to recharge my battery. I love my family to pieces and I try so hard to be the best mother I can to my two littles and be the best wife I can for my husband. On top of family life, I teach full-day kindergarten so there seems to be a never-ending list of things to do at home and at school. I rarely have a moment to sit down and truly enjoy reading/relaxing so making a Charlotte getaway sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I so hope my comment is the lucky one:)

  38. Ann-Michel Kissler says

    Pick me, pick me! Because I would love to come all the way from O H I O to share in this amazing experience with you. So I could meet you and you could meet me and we could be friends. Real acquaintances, not just me knowing you and you not having any idea who I am. Me giving you hope to and giving back what I have received.

  39. Melissa Harris says

    Time with friends is always good for the soul! I could use some “hope”ful recharging with other like minded, graceful beings. Hope I am the lucky one. Blessings to you all. :)

  40. says

    I want Brenda’s beans and cornbread. Straight up. (Lots of other things OBVIOUSLY, but I’m surprisingly excited about Brenda’s beans and cornbread.)

  41. Michelle says

    This is exactly what I need in my life right now. I have been watching your updates on your barn progress and hoping that it would be done soon. Looking forward to a lovely evening.

  42. Kimberly Dickerson says

    One reason—my soul needs recharging.Meeting all of you, while crafting and chatting in a barn–sounds like heaven. Plus food? Love!

  43. Kristine Meaux says

    Not only am I looking forward to meeting the whole gang, but I also can’t wait to see those great ceiling fans!! :)

  44. says

    Well, mainly because you girls have encouraged my heart for years now. I feel like you’re my friends and so hanging out with you would be such a joy. And having a personal connection to other women would be really sweet. But also because I just want to see the barn. :)

  45. Sonya Burgess says

    I would love to come to this event because I have loved you and your sisters blog for several years now and would love the opportunity to meet you girls in person. I also have a major love for barns of all kinds and have a dream of traveling the countryside and taking pictures of the barns of NC to document a diminishing part of our landscape here in NC. Also, I just think it would be a great time of fellowship for all of us who enjoy reading your blog post. Thanks for the opportunity.

  46. Kim says

    Because you dear sweet Nester, Emily, and Gary have become like extended family members, and family should really see each other in person! I desperately need to feel Hope Live…and have a mommy vaca! Hope to see you all at the barn! ~Kim

  47. Dedra Herod says

    I’d love to come to the party and bring my main squeeze! Love to introduce him to some amazing extended family members.. and it would be a great weekend away after a long fall of focusing on paying down debt and setting new goals. It’s been a really, really hard year. :)

  48. Aimee Weaver says

    I would love to win a tickets to the party! Your family feels like a part of my family and it would be amazing to meet you all in person!

  49. says

    What an opportunity to soak in the barn, the people, the fall, the hope! I would be so ever grateful for the chance. I am in a season of turmoil. I am a small town family practice physician assistant of 18 years. My office manager has left, my sweet (second mama) nurse retires in December, my child growing and learning, in a church working hard to step out, and I sense it in my deepest parts there is a change coming for me. Then here pops into my email on my manager’s last day the chance to win this…
    PLUS November 8 is my birthday, what a way to celebrate!

    • Holly says

      Wow, honestly, because ….not one to share much with others….. my soul just needs it! I lost my older sister, Christie, 2 weeks ago to a short bout with an aggressive cancer. My little sister and I are trying to hang in there and help each other. We picked hopeologie for Christie to encourage her. Now that she’s gone, I continue to read, search for the hope that wants to hide. My little sister, Julie, and I live in opposite parts of the country. We used to meet at our beloved, older (only by a year) sister’s home in Winston-Salem for a half-way meeting place. It would be so great to have a celebration between us two remaining sisters. I realize I’m a little off giving a sad story here, of all places. Just trying to give my true, honest answer. Thank you for the encouragement I receive here. Your passionate inspiration helps, and actually, your goofiness perhaps just as much. :)

  50. Heidi Davis says

    How exciting!! I would be ecstatic to win an opportunity to see that barn in person!! ( and that pool 😉 )
    And meet you hopeologists in person! What a special time it will be! I could use some refreshment right about now! :)

  51. Angela says

    Visit the barn? Oh my, how awesome! I would love to visit the barn. What a much needed time of hope and encouragement I can imagine it would be. And to be with others that feel the same would be fabulous!

  52. says

    This is ALL kinds of awesome!!!! I would die for a free ticket! Ever since y’all have mentioned this barn, my heart has been there. Since meeting you and Em, my spirit has been there. A few reasons that I want to be there is to just be with the body of Christ. My passion is authentic community! I love to go deep and encourage and speak life and hope into people’s spirits. I believe the Lord is doing a great work in y’alls hearts and will do a great work in that space that y’all have to so willingly devoted to Him. It would be a honor to play a small part in this gathering. May God bless this day and do exceedingly more than y’all can ask, think or imagine.

    And, as the middle Morland, I think it is time that I meet the parentals! LOL!

    Beyond grateful for y’all!!!!!

  53. Mary Anne De la Torre says

    Please! Give me a reason to escape NJ even just for a little bit! Also, would love to see/meet all you hope-givers up close! :) Thanks for all you do :)

  54. Lisa Spidle says

    I would love to attend a Barn Event! I love writing, and Emily’s words have so inspired me and help me grow. Myquillyn, you have inspired me to love my house again.

    Spending time with two of my favorite online people would be awesome. Thanks for all you do with Hopeology.

  55. says

    Because I’ve wished on lucky pennies, stars and clovers. I know how it feels to have dreams come true, lose dreams and still walk with feathers in my path and say my prayers. I smile a lot. I’m a sappy sapster. I’m from Boston and don’t say the letter “r”. If that’s not reason enough, than I don’t know what is. Love ya- Hope*Ologie.
    P.S. Dad’s uke playing rocks and if he needs a backup singer I’m the one! Ha! (Not really :/)

  56. Sarah Comley-Caldwell says

    Because this event sounds absolutely delightful, and good for my soul! I also would love to come and experience fall in North Carolina! I love all the things you guys do–as a family, and individually. You all have inspired me so very much–would love to hang with you all!

  57. Julia Perry-Sullivan says

    The heartfelt voice that whispers, go!
    You remember…
    Laughter, merriment, sharing, love & rejoicing.
    Fall, family, together-
    I ask if there could be anything better :-)
    a caramel apple as well :-)
    Much Love ❤️

  58. says

    Because my spring was filled with feelings of stuck-ness and Hope*ologie began at just the right time. I’d love to spend a day with you all and other like-minded hope*ologists! And a day at the barn sounds delightful and peaceful and quieting and calming and all sorts of other lovely things. :)

  59. Danica Furman says

    Because PEACE~which all of you have brought to me through your words and pictures. Love this little place on the www.! (And I super duper love cornbread!)

  60. Melissa says

    I would love the chance to win tickets! I am working on self renewal, and learning to self care… this would be the perfect step in my own journey! And I would bring my own sis with, who needs this too!

  61. says

    I’m so enjoying your Hopeologie website! I would love to come down to Charlotte to see you, the barn and your family!! It’s been too long!! I remember selling cookie dough and tassels at that girls house in Greensboro? Who was she?? LOL!!

  62. says

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